Our Mission

"To constantly evolve and deliver care to our customers, so that everyone can achieve the hair of their desires"

AnnaWigs Roots

What inspired AnnaWigs to start up was close to home, as a close friend to the founder was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair. Determined to find her a hair loss solution, beautiful hair was made for her, which was an extremely rewarding feeling. Now inspired to help more people experiencing hair loss or those who just want to get hair changed, AnnaWigs was born in 2015 as an online platform to support women and men and provide professional hair solutions.

It was fundamental for AnnaWigs to design not just average hair, but to design captivating and unique hair.

Our Promise

At AnnaWigs we know that hair is not JUST hair, it’s part of your identity!

Hair is important, which is why our specialists design our sensational hair products, and why we are passionate in taking every customer’s hair needs into consideration and providing an easy online shopping experience. With our hair toppers, human hair and synthetic wigs, hair extensions, and men’s hair replacement systems, we have locks for everybody.

We recognize that alternative hair is not just about needing the newest coolest hairstyle. We are dedicated to supporting people with hair loss and to give them hope. Our customer service team is trained to offer professional, compassionate and personalized advice to every shopper. AnnaWigs is always on your side.

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